North Texas man wins Netflix cooking show ‘Best Leftovers Ever’, concludes shutdown after loss of son



For years, Fredeking’s son encouraged his dad to try a reality TV cooking show. Before he flew to California for the shoot, tragedy struck.

A Little Elm man is a good cook – even if for a very long time he did not know it.

Ren Fredeking, a 44-year-old insurance professional, appeared on the Netflix show “Best Leftovers Ever”.

“It never really occurred to me until our son told me everyone had to eat what they ate and see my food,” Fredeking said.

For years, Fredeking’s son Cain encouraged his father to appear on a reality cooking show.

So when Netflix picked Fredeking to enter a new cooking competition, it was a dream come true. That’s why it surprised everyone when he said he wanted to refuse it.

“I reached out to the producers and said, ‘hey, it’s been a tough month for me. I’m not sure I’m ready for this, ”he said. “[There was] just an overall pain of the whole situation.

Just before Fredeking flew to Los Angeles and appeared on this show, his son passed away. Right after that his dog had to be shot. Suddenly being on TV was the last thing he thought about.

“The feeling you get when you lose someone like that lingers on for a long time and it was still very fresh,” Fredeking said. “But I just thought about it and didn’t want to have any regrets. I know Cain wanted me to go. I just said I didn’t want to have any regrets. I want to go do this.

“Best Leftovers Ever” starred Fredeking and two other cooks in one of the season’s episodes. The three home cooks try to make a gourmet meal with yesterday’s leftovers.

With duck confit and mashed potatoes, Fredeking made a Dutch Persian baby with ice cream.

In the end, he won $ 10,000, which he plans to spend on other culinary dreams and his granddaughters, who now live with him and his wife.

Even though Fredeking was the only cook who was left standing after this episode, he believes he was not alone.

“I absolutely believe Cain was there with me. I actually wear this bracelet to remind myself, ”he said, pointing to the beads wrapped around his wrist. “Being able to go in there and do that and look at that bracelet and remember why I was there really helped.”

Even after winning, Fredeking says he’s no culinary genius, but it proves one thing: that great food doesn’t come from a kitchen. It comes from the heart.



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