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Talent show victory kicks off Joel Dudhnath’s foray into singing

For singer Joel Dudhnath, being one of the ten winners of the recent Guyana Talent Search show served as a springboard to relaunch his career. Three years ago Joel started dreaming of performing on stage to show off his talent but didn’t have the will to make it a reality, so when he learned about the competition he felt it was his luck.

“Winning is so unreal. One day I dreamed of singing and the next day I was successful as a candidate, ”said a delighted Joel.

The 18-year-old shared that while he’s always loved singing, it wasn’t until three years ago that he became more passionate about the art form. A year ago, he got more serious in singing and began to hone this new talent through vocal training. However, he had problems being social and outgoing. It was the arrival of the potentially deadly coronavirus that made him realize how fragile life is and that we need to take the time to do the things that matter.

When he was in Annandale High School several years ago two of his friends pointed out that he had a good voice and he started paying more attention to the way he sang and surrendered. reckon they were right.

Joel, who worked at Giftland as a customer sales representative, said he spent a lot of his time working in the link and sang to pass the time. A co-worker learned about the talent show and encouraged it to audition; He did.

It was also around this time that he learned that he was ill and had to undergo medical intervention. He remembers being released from the hospital on a Thursday and receiving a call from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports the next day to be available for a live audition two days later. The youngster shared that at this point he was just starting his recovery process, but didn’t want to let the opportunity pass. It was over a month after he video auditioned and assumed he was not being considered for the competition, so when the call came for a live audition he was shocked.

Battling the stage fright, and still recovering from the medical procedure, he remembers standing on stage with his eyes closed and singing his cover of One Direction. This was enough for him to move on to the next stage of the competition.

When he entered the contest, his idea was to sing covers of pop songs from the 90s boy groups. However, that changed after his one-on-one mentorship with one of the judges. Judge Poonam Singh, he recalls, asked him what other genres he liked to sing. Joel has shared many of them including Reggae, Pop, Gospel, Chutney and Western. Singh’s ears pricked up as the western seemed to be a genre unique to a Guyanese and asked him to sing one of his western songs. Joel did a small performance of “Your Man” by Josh Turner. The judges, he said, were amazed at his deep baritone and urged him to stick to Western vocals.

On the show’s first airing, Joel gave a phenomenal performance of “Your Man” that drew plenty of comments from the ladies.

“The experience has been really great. I made some great friends. I learned to get out of my box and interact. I learned new techniques of singing and interpretation. We entered this competition as foreigners and left as a family, ”the singer explained.

Joel received criticism from the judges along the way, but noted that they were only trying to help. Between screenings, he tried to find his mistakes and learn from what he was told. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for the singer.

Since the competition, there is no going back for Joël who decided he wanted to record music. Currently, he is working on several songs that he hopes to release later this year or early next year. His new adventure is learning to write songs that he started a month ago. So far so good, the future songwriter said of the new skill. “My goal is to be an international artist from Guyana and to do that it takes a lot of work but I am willing and ready to work to achieve whatever goals I have set for myself,” said the singer.

Although it was emphasized in the competition that the Western genre suits him well, he intends to try others until he finds the one he is most comfortable with. ‘to interpret. Joel said that at this point he was fascinated with mixing genres to create a unique mix and set an example of wanting to merge the Western and Rap genres.

Regarding academia, he said later if he decided to go to college, it would be to pursue music. His new quest for a career in the music industry gives him limited free time as he exercises constantly, but when he can, he enjoys cooking and training at the gym.

Some of his inspirations include Josh Turner, Brett Young, Randy Travis, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson and some of the boy bands of the 90s.

“I want to thank my family and friends, all my supporters for believing in me and believing that I will go this far. Pay attention to the more important things on my part, ”enthuses Joel.

Since his victory, Joel has been contacted to do a concert with Channel 80 in collaboration with the Department of Education. This pledge, he noted, is expected to air on the aforementioned channel in the coming weeks.

The singer can be followed on Facebook and Instagram @Joel Valenski.

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Cooking show

Celebrity MasterChef fans ask Kem to have his own cooking show after epic mistakes

Love Island star Kem Cetinay left BBC viewers with laughs on Thursday night’s edition of Celebrity Masterchef.

In fact, the ITV presenter was such a hit with viewers at home that some fans ended up asking the ITV hunk to have his own cooking show because they thought he was so funny at home. to concern.

The beautiful star got a rough start in the episode when he called the spicy turmeric a “dirty carrot” after not knowing what the spice was.

Things got worse for Kem when presenter John Torode commissioned him to cook a brandy for the first time.

Kem had BBC viewers in stitches as he struggled to make his brandy, with some calling on him to host his own cooking show.

The reality TV star had never heard of a brandy and first wondered if it was like “peach schnapps”, before panicking and offering a hilarious commentary as he was struggling to prepare the pastry dish in the kitchen.

However, despite his culinary mistakes, BBC viewers at home were hysterical as they adored Kem’s honest remarks – with some calling for Kem to present his own spinoff cooking show.

One user on Twitter suggested: “A whole slew of Kem traveling to places learning to cook, please.”

A second also wanted to see more of the star and wrote, “Hope Kem moves on to the next track just for entertainment, love him.”

Gregg Wallace
Gregg Wallace couldn’t help but joke with the former Love Island star, but he was impressed with his cooking

A third wrote: “You are not the best chef Kem but I haven’t laughed so much in ages! Well done buddy”

A fourth said, “Love Kem’s comment” while adding a laughing face emoji.

A fifth added: “Kem making brandy snaps is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

However, despite his self-deprecating comments, Kem managed to impress John with his brandy snaps – and later confessed that he “had no idea” what was going on.

john torode
Masterchef John expert loved Kem’s vegetarian risotto

Although he revealed to the restaurateur and former Masterchef competitor that he didn’t know rice went in a rissotto, he concocted a dish that John said had “good flavors.”

He even moved on to the next round, after his grandmother’s dish of roasted red peppers got top marks from the experts.

Unfortunately, it was time for Strictly dancer Johannes Radebe to hang up his apron after making a soggy dish at the end of the show.

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Talent show

Vogue Williams reveals Fox TV loves its new talent show Big Deal and would consider hosting it in the US

VOGUE Williams has revealed how much Fox TV loves their new Big Deal talent show – and they would consider hosting it in the US if offered the role.

The US television network has spent a lot of money to pay for the six-part pilot series at 3Arena to make the show for US television.


Deirdre O’Kane, singer Lyra and Jedward at Virgin Media launch
Vogue Williams


Vogue Williams

However, the Vogue host said she had no idea Fox TV executives were on hand to watch her as she made her debut as the host of a talent show for the Virgin program. Media with judges including Boy George and Jedward.

Vogue told The Irish Sun: “I didn’t find out that the folks at Fox were there in a truck at 3Arena watching a live broadcast until day two.
“It was a relief because at that point I was really in the thick of it.

“The folks at Fox watched the whole shoot from start to finish and were really happy with it.”


The approval of American leaders could be a game-changer for the Howth woman if Fox TV asked her to host the same show on American television.

Vogue told us, “Obviously, if I was invited to do The Big Deal in America, that would be absolutely great because I love hosting the show.

“I never thought of America, but a job opportunity like this would be incredible. But it’s not something that I’m chasing but at the same time it would be amazing.

“For the moment, I’m happy with my place. I love working in England and being so close to home.

“So I’m glad Fox TV likes my show. I would do this show everyday for the rest of my life, if I could. I was heartbroken when we finished filming.

Irish viewers will get their first glimpse of Vogue on The Big Deal this Saturday night when the show airs on Virgin Media at 8 p.m. ET.


The bosses of American television will now broadcast recordings of the new Vogue show to discussion groups.

But Fox TV will also be closely monitoring the audience The Big Deal attracts for Virgin Media.

And the grades should be good as RTE is showing a movie against the new talent show this Saturday night.

And Vogue, which this week also launched a new liquid body illuminator and body brush in its popular Bare By Vogue tanning line, promised there would be plenty to see.

She said, “Singers, pole dancers, acrobats, roller skaters, such a wide range of people. Most of them that you will never have seen before.


The 35-year-old host dubbed the eventual winner of the new talent show “a dark horse that no one will see coming”.

But what really makes The Big Deal different is that each contestant has the option of accepting a € 1,000 buyout after their audition or continuing to the final to win a € 50,000 cash prize.

Vogue said, “A lot of the candidates were very confident and wouldn’t take the money.

“Boy George spoke to people a lot about what they should do, but sometimes what the judges said went over the heads of the competition.

“I found myself pushing people, either to take the money or to pass.”

Previously known on Irish television for her avant-garde RTE documentaries, Vogue, mother of two, is now a regular on British television and radio.

But she said she loved coming back to Ireland to team up with so many old buddies in her new role.

Vogue said, “I think this show is something I’m heading towards.
“All my previous jobs were working until this.

“It was great coming back to work with people I’ve known since I was a model at 16.”

Another old friend is Bill Malone, a former RTE man and now Virgin Media content director.

Vogue said: “Since the start of my career, Bill has pointed me in the right direction. Do all these documents with RTE, and now on The Big Deal together. “

The Big Deal airs on Virgin Media One this Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET.

Vogue Williams on the set of The Big Deal


Vogue Williams on the set of The Big Deal

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Cooking show

How a reality TV contest helped change the lives of three women and further their food business | Life

(from left) Miza, Nur Hidayah and Bibiaminani prove that resilience and hard work are important in everything you do. – Photo via MAGGI Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, September 2 – Home food vendor Nur Hidayah Jeffri preferred to work in a restaurant with a stable income because she feared the risk of starting her own food business.

Fearing to step out of his comfort zone, Nur Hidayah, 24, was shy about talking to people and couldn’t do a live cooking demonstration.

When she prepared Tauhu Begedil for a family event and received positive reviews, she decided to sell them from her home to earn an income and support her family.

She said Malaysian courier that in addition to selling Tauhu Begedil, it has also been providing spaghetti to school canteens since 2019, but business has gone badly due to Covid-19.

“With bad business, I had to find a way to earn an income to support my family because my parents were not working while my father was sick.

“My older brother and I took responsibility for taking care of my parents and there were many times that I have hit rock bottom thinking about how to get a decent income.”

She finally decided to join a reality TV series Resipi Berani Maggi program to learn leadership skills because she wanted to build her self-confidence and improve her food business.

The competition, which ran over a six-week period from July 14 to August 18, was framed by actress Datin Paduka Eina Azman, producer and actress Sheila Rusly and My Mum bakery owner Anne Idris.

The TV series is part of the Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani Maggi program’s campaign to inspire women to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Out of 1,000 women who participated in the program, only eight mentees were selected as finalists for the television series, Nur Hidayah being one of them.

During this month, the finalists took part in various challenges in the areas of digital and culinary skills, mentoring sessions and business acumen.

One daunting task that Nur Hidayah remembers was that all finalists had to catch as many catfish as they could in an aquarium and show the judges how to cut it the right way.

“It was a terrifying experience for me, but I had to catch the fish no matter how scared I was.

“All I was thinking at the time was putting my fear aside and catching as many catfish as possible.”

Nur Hidayah’s resilience and determination earned her first place in the competition, winning seed money of RM8,000 and an eight-week mentorship program with Anne.

She said that after being on the show, she has become more confident now, able to talk to people and can even do a live cooking demonstration.

Nur Hidayah is not only able to speak in crowds, but she has also learned how to improve her business by selling packed lunches.  - Photo via MAGGI Malaysia
Nur Hidayah is not only able to speak in crowds, but she has also learned how to improve her business by selling packed lunches. – Photo via MAGGI Malaysia

“In addition to providing lunch meals at the Klang Valley offices, I learned to be mentally stronger and to take on the challenges in my stride.

“Most importantly, I’m happy to be a different person now – someone more confident and ready to promote my lunchbox business to anyone,” she said.

Never too old to venture into something new

Second place winner and single mother Bibiaminani Abdul Ghani, 49, has two children and has had her own difficulties financially supporting the family being the sole breadwinner.

Always having to rush to send her children to school and shopping, she never found the time to prepare proper and nutritious meals for her children.

“Being a fashionable person, I also used my free time to browse e-commerce sites to buy makeup and clothes.

“And then one day I realized that I wanted to do something meaningful in my life and that’s when I turned to cooking.

“I followed some of my mom’s cooking recipes such as her Asam Pedas dough and opened an Instagram account to promote it on a small scale to my friends and family.”

When she entered the TV show, one of the challenges she faced was dealing with digital marketing and getting to grips with creating posters online.

“I didn’t know the importance of promoting my brand online, nor did I have an appropriate company logo to be proud of.

“During the program, I not only learned to create my own posters, but even changed my packaging style to make it more appealing.

“It was also during the show that I coined the name Pes Kak Bi so that people would think of me when they tried my dough.”

The single mother of two also has a busy schedule with a full-time job at Telekom Malaysia, studying part-time for her psychology and management degree while selling a variety of pasta as a side income.

When asked how she was able to cope with her tight schedule, she replied that she was determined to learn as much as possible and to occupy her time with positive thoughts.

Bibiaminani talks to the audience about a meal she is preparing during a cooking demonstration challenge for the reality show.  - Photo via MAGGI Malaysia
Bibiaminani talks to the audience about a meal she is preparing during a cooking demonstration challenge for the reality show. – Photo via MAGGI Malaysia

“There are days when I wake up really early to do my shopping, cut and prepare my raw ingredients, continue my full-time job, and then make my pasta after work.

“At 10 pm I would rest for a while and continue packing my pasta at midnight.

“It’s a busy schedule and there are days when I break down because I’m the only one doing all the work around the house without any help.

“But I tell myself that even though I feel like giving up, I still have to get up and align myself with my goals,” she said.

She has sold her pasta all over Peninsular Malaysia and plans to sell it in Sabah and Sarawak next month.

Be a better role model for your family

Home food owner Mazzaton Miza, 42, worked at a telecommunications company in Selangor but was fired from her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Determined to seek another job, Mizzaton, affectionately known as Miza, a mother of two, decided to join a virtual cooking class to start her home food business selling sandwiches.

Despite her courage to open her own business, Miza still needed her husband to accompany her wherever she went and was afraid to make decisions within the family.

Before joining the TV show, Miza still depended on her husband to accompany her and make important decisions.  - Photo via MAGGI Malaysia
Before joining the TV show, Miza still depended on her husband to accompany her and make important decisions. – Photo via MAGGI Malaysia

“I always needed my husband to be with me wherever I went because I felt more secure with him by my side.

“But that changed after I joined Resipi Berani Maggi reality TV series. I can drive on my own anywhere I want and I am more independent now. “

She said she learned the importance of promoting her sandwiches on social media and learned to express herself in a crowd during one of the challenges.

Learning how to cost her food and making sure she was able to generate a profit was something she learned besides having her family to support her.

“I am more confident in myself as a home chef and as a mother, especially with my supportive family.

“I also stepped in to help my sons with their school presentations and even encouraged them to become speakers for their school projects,” she said.

Her courage and lifelong learning have also enabled her to make local culinary pastas such as Fried Rice, Sambal Balado and Mee Curry Nyonya.

Taking third place for the TV show, Miza plans to host a cooking class soon and plans to write a book documenting her journey in the food business as well as cooking recipes inspired by the dishes of her late. mother.

* A previous version of this story contained an error which has since been fixed

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Reality show

BTS returns with reality show In The SOOP season 2 in October: Bollywood News

South Korean juggernaut BTS returns with the second season of their reality show, In the SOOP. Last year the group launched the show where they spent several days in the forest.

In the SOOP version BTS (“soop” means “forest” in Korean) was shot in Gangwon-do Chuncheon and is a private house by the lake. It consisted of the main house with a living room, kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 4 terraces, a guest house on the lake which had 2 bedrooms / terrace and a large private courtyard.

The BTS members were in the woods playing games, spending time cooking, reading books and enjoying their well-deserved free time as a group, sharing anecdotes from their intern days and sharing a great camaraderie. The first season consisted of 8 episodes and 8 behind-the-scenes episodes. During the show, they even composed the theme song which was then recorded in their studio. It was a healing episode just watching seven members of BTS relax in the beautiful forest.

Season 2 of BTS in the SOOP will air in October 2021.

Meanwhile, on the work front, after their reign on the Billboard Hot 100 week after week with their second English single ‘Butter’, South Korean juggernaut BTS has released a remix featuring powerful rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

READ ALSO: BTS’s Jungkook Composed Live Songs on His Birthday and It’s Heaven Millions of ARMYs Were A Part of


Catch Us For Latest Bollywood News, Bollywood New Movies Update, Box Office Collection, New Movie Release, Bollywood News Hindi, Entertainment News, Bollywood News Today and Upcoming Movies 2020 and stay up to date with the latest Hindi movies only on Bollywood Hungama.

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Cooking show

Coshocton native has new cooking show, home movie to watch

  • Christopher Shaw of Coshocton worked in the film and television industry for approximately 25 years.
  • He is the director of “Church People,” which will be released September 3 on DVD and digital download.
  • He also directed, edited and produced the comedy cooking show “Something Smells Funny” on Tubi.
  • Shaw recently completed a comedy short and has other possible projects on hold with Thor Ramsey of “Church People”.

COSHOCTON – A native of Coshocton with several ongoing projects has a TV show and movie available for home viewing.

Christopher Shaw worked in the film and television industry for approximately 25 years. He said the biggest challenges are finding financial support and, once the job is done, distribution. However, Shaw was fortunate enough to find both a comedy cooking show and a faith-based movie.

“Church People,” directed by Shaw, was released on March 13 as a Fathom event with churches able to request special views via the Faith Content Network. It will be available on DVD and digital download on September 3. Shaw said they are working on putting it on a streaming service next year.

Actor and singer Joey Fatone on the set of

Guy Sides (played by Thor Ramsey) has been named America’s Favorite Youth Pastor, but he realizes that the mega-church he’s associated with and Senior Pastor Skip (Michael Monks) is more concerned with fulfilling seats than to present the gospel. When a blasphemous blow is designed for Easter Sunday, Guy must find a way to get the church back on track.

It features several Hollywood veterans in supporting roles. This includes Donald Faison from the television series “Scrubs”, Joey Fatone, member of NSYNC and reality TV star, Stephen and William Baldwin of the famous acting family Baldwin Brothers and William’s wife, Chynna Phillips of the band. vocals Wilson Phillips. Stephen Baldwin was instrumental in making the film and finding financial support, Shaw said.

“I was very happy with the overall responses. They were very positive. I hear people laughing throughout the movie. I hear crying. I even heard people say they were sobbing at the end. . Some people get all the sensations watching this movie, “Shaw said.” No matter where you are on the faith spectrum, whether you are a believer or not, you are probably going to find one, if not two characters in the movie. with which to identify you. ”

Christopher Shaw, originally from Coshocton, on the set of

Additionally, “Something Smells Funny” is available for free via Tubi. If successful, Shaw hopes to shoot a second season. He has been a producer, editor and director. Host Scott Wood invites stand-up comedians to cook a healthy meal and cut up in the kitchen. Guests are Mark Christopher Lawrence, Jimmy Brogan, Bobby Collins and Victoria Jackson, best known for appearing on “Saturday Night Live”.

“We’re showing mishaps and mistakes. It’s not one of those shows where everything goes perfectly as planned. We’ll show a blender falling to the floor. It’s really fun,” said Shaw. “It’s not quite clean when it comes to mess. It’s clean humor though. It’s family watching.”

Shaw recently completed a short comedy time travel film titled “Zoom Time”. Ramsey of “Church People” also wrote other scripts being researched with Shaw attached to directing. One of them also involves time travel.

“A lot has happened behind the scenes this year. Now it’s a question of finding the right person with the right funding opportunities,” said Shaw.

For more information on “Church Pepole” visit and to learn more about Shaw visit

[email protected]



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Talent show

Auditions for Crossville’s Got Talent Show September 9 | Lifestyles

Does Crossville have talent? You bet it does. Most people, regardless of their age, are talented, but they hesitate to show it! When you hear the word talent most think of singing and dancing which is great, but don’t forget about those other fun acts that can put people on a smile.

Whatever your talent, Crossville’s Got Talent Show would love to have you auditioned. A wide variety of different types of acts makes a great show! Singing, dancing, dog acts, all kinds of comedy, magic acts, playing an instrument, ventriloquist, anything that is entertaining is welcome.

You never know who will win. There will be cash prizes, gift cards, studio recording time, show tickets and a large panel of fun judges, like the 2017 winner of Crossville’s Got Talent and artist and songwriter Ted Monday, singer and local artist with big band “Cumberland Swing Experience” sound Terri Ann Utsey, and local singer / songwriter / musician and host of “Open Mic” at the Palace and newest host of “Three Dog Night” celebration, Rich (Wet Wood) Peterson.

If you’ve ever seen the talent show on TV, you’ll see that the judges don’t always agree and sometimes there are quarrels between them in their decisions. You can see some of the same exhibits right here in Crossville’s Got Talent, but it’ll be for fun.

DJ and Donna Garrison, who have done a great job of hosting in the past, will be this year’s host and co-host. The 2021 show is sponsored by Mayberry’s Furniture, Exit Rocky Top Realty, Integrity Plumbing, McDonald’s of East Tennessee, Stonehaus Winery, Cumberland County Playhouse, Crossville Subway, Cracker Barrel, Rocky Top Ten Movie Theater, STAR Recording studio and the Tennessee Aquarium .

The Crossville’s Got Talent Show will take place at the Palace Theater at 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 25. Auditions were originally scheduled for Tuesday, September 7 at the Fair Park Senior Center; this has been changed to Thursday September 9th at 5pm at the Palace Theater.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the act, just call Ruth at 248-2487. Registration for auditions is free; if you pass the judges in the auditions, you will advance to the final on September 25. The deadline to register as a candidate is August 30. Simply call with your information to register and come to the hearing. It’s fun to show off what you can do, and you just might win some big prizes.

Tickets for the show cost $ 12, are available at the Palais, or by calling 931-248-2487 or 931-248-2489. All proceeds will go towards the Elderly Programs at the Fair Park Senior Center.

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Reality show

Dixie & Charli D’Amelio on their Reality TV Show ‘Surreal’ Trailer (Exclusive)

Dixie & Charli D’Amelio on their Reality TV Show ‘Surreal’ Trailer (Exclusive)

It looks like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio could learn from each other when their new reality show premieres next month. In a new interview with ET at the Empire State Building, Dixie revealed that there were scenes in the Amelio Show trailer that she’s never seen in real life.

“I wanted to watch it because it was all spinning, we were all filming at different times. There was stuff that Charli was doing that I was like, ‘When did that happen?'” Dixie explained.

Charli, meanwhile, called it “surreal” to see the show come together.

“It was really a surreal moment to see him go from simple cameras around our house watching what we’re doing to see how it all goes and really see the very growth throughout the trailer,” he said. she declared.

“I think we’re just the most excited to let people come into our lives and let people have… a bigger picture,” added the girls’ father Marc D’Amelio. “It’s a really true representation of what it’s like to live in our home.”

The trailer shows several important moments for the family as Charli deals with the pressures of social media fame and Dixie pursues a budding music career.

“I’m excited to see what parts people can learn from,” Dixie told ET, while Charli suggested that maybe watching her and her sister cope with their own struggles could help others.

“You don’t have to have millions and millions of followers to feel the exact same emotions that we feel,” she said. “Maybe seeing how we handled this, or how we lean on the people we have around us, I feel like this is something that comes up a lot throughout the series. . So I’m really excited for everyone to see this. ”

“There is so much more that goes into every drop we have with [our brand] Social tourists or whatever we do, any business that we work with and work with together as a family, ”Charli added.

Dixie and Charli definitely made their parents proud.

“I’m so proud of them. I mean, I would be proud of them no matter what, they are good kids and they work hard and they always have,” exclaimed their mother Heidi. From Amelio. “During this trip, [I’m] trying to make sure the goal is to be happy, like any parent would, so I’m very proud. ”

The D’Amelio show premieres on Hulu with all eight episodes on September 3.

Noah Beck talks about body dysmorphia, Dixie D’Amelio and TikTok

‘The D’Amelio Show’ Trailer Gives Fans A Glimpse Of TikTok Celebrity

Dixie D’Amelio says family “gave up a lot of our privacy” for the show

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Entertainment show

WDAF-TV FOX4 Adds New Local Lifestyle & Entertainment Show | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

KANSAS CITY, MO (September 2, 2021) –Join WDAF-TV FOX4 in September for a new local lifestyle and entertainment show, Big Day KC. This live show kicks off on September 13, 2021 and will feature everything that makes Kansas City BIG! Hosted by Adriana Davalos, Donna Bozzo and Toni Talley, Big Day KC will be a one-hour show, airing weekdays at 11 a.m.

FOX4 Vice President and General Manager Tracy Brogden Miller said, “We are thrilled to offer viewers in Kansas City, Great Day KC, a trend show that covers local and national celebrities, health and beauty, finance and more. Hosts Adriana Davalos, Donna Bozzo and Toni Talley will be offering a variety of daily events in and around Kansas City.

Adriana Davalos is an award-winning lifestyle television host and producer. She joins FOX4 from Nexstar’s sister station, WNCN CBS17, where she helped launch a brand new lifestyle show for the Raleigh-Durham Market. Prior to CBS17, she worked at WJFW NBC12 where she successfully rebranded the lifestyle show North @ 4. Prior to working in television, she worked for several online publications covering the biggest Hollywood events, red carpets, galas and awards shows. She has a long history of interviewing top celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Mario Lopez, Guiliana Rancic, and more. Adriana is originally from California and graduated from California State University with a BA in Communication Studies.

Donna Bozzo is a global author and national television contributor with decades of experience working with national brands and contributing to local and national television shows such as the TODAY Show. In addition to her extensive on-camera experience, Donna has equivalent experience working behind the lens as a Director / Producer / Writer / Editor of TV Programs and Creative Services, and she has over 20 years of experience in developing cross-platform marketing campaigns for the parenting, healthcare, education, technology and financial industries. She graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Journalism, Oral Communication, and Psychology.

Toni Talley is from Kansas City. She worked as a multimedia reporter at WACH Fox in Columbia, South Carolina. His experience also includes public relations, marketing and sales. She has worked for The Examiner Newspaper and most recently at the Starlight Theater, an iconic Broadway and outdoor concert venue in the heart of Kansas City. Talley graduated from Raytown South High School. She received her BA in Mass Communication from Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and her MA in Applied Communications from Missouri State University.

Big Day KC will join the # 1 daytime lineup in Kansas City, after Live! With Kelly and Ryan and will lead to FOX4 News at noon.

As an entertaining talk show, Big Day KC will also serve as an opportunity for companies to sponsor segments and content.

To follow Big Day KC to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Great Day KC

Big Day KC is a brand new local lifestyle and entertainment show showcasing everything that makes Kansas City a BIG! From the latest fashions to food, fitness and fun events in Kansas City, Big Day KC will reach over 986,160 television homes in Kansas City and beyond. Offer a variety of “happenings” in the KC and surrounding areas, Big Day KC will be broadcast for one (1) hour, weekdays at 11 a.m. Some Big Day KC segments are sponsored.

About FOX4 and Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

In 1949, WDAF-TV became the first television station to broadcast in Kansas City. With over 60 hours of news programming each week, FOX 4 continues 71 years of excellence and service to the Kansas City community. WDAF-TV FOX4, is a subsidiary of Nexstar Media Group.

About Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
Nexstar Media Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXST) is a leading diversified media company leveraging localism to bring new services and value to consumers and advertisers through its traditional, digital and mobile media platforms. Its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Nexstar Media Inc., is made up of three divisions: Broadcasting, Digital and Networking. The Broadcasting Division operates, schedules or provides sales and other services to 199 television stations and related digital multicast signals reaching 116 markets or approximately 39% of all U.S. television households (reflecting the UHF discount from the FCC). The division’s portfolio includes the main subsidiaries of NBC,

CBS, ABC, FOX, MyNetworkTV and The CW. The digital division operates 120 local websites and 284 mobile apps delivering hyper-local content and verticals for consumers and advertisers, allowing audiences to choose where, when and how to access content and creating new revenue opportunities for the company. The Networks division operates NewsNation, formerly WGN America, a national cable news and entertainment network reaching 75 million television homes, the Antenna TV multicast network and WGN Radio in Chicago. Nexstar also owns a 31.3% stake in TV Food Network, a leading cable asset. For more information, please visit


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Talent show

127 SENIORS: Share Your Skills on the Annual Crossville’s Got Talent | Lifestyles

On Friday August 13, the meeting was opened by Vice President Sheila Johnson, with a prayer led by Arlene Simmons. This was followed by the Oath of Allegiance led by Tom Simmons.

The list of those whose birthdays were in August were read and those present were greeted with a happy birthday from the members, with piano accompaniment by Tom Fincher.

In the Sunshine Report, we were asked to keep Lee Heffner and Carl Brooks in our prayers, as well as Janice Hall who spends her time with Carl as much as she can. Anna Cox is also recovering.

Arlene Simmons thanked the members for keeping her sister in prayer. She is better thanks to your prayers.

Our recent hallway sale, our biggest fundraiser of the year, went very well, bringing in $ 5,500. Members were instrumental in setting up and pricing the items, as well as taking them down. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to its success.

One vendor who has since become a new member even went home and baked cookies for our bake sale when we ran out of products. Thanks Phyllis!

Leonard Hollender contributed a joke for the reunion and also recalled the upcoming Crossville’s Got Talent show to be held on Saturday, September 25 at the Palace.

We are also displaying posters for another fundraiser, The Music of the Cumberlands, which will take place on Saturday October 2nd. It features several of our artists, so be sure to purchase your tickets.

The center will host a community fall dance from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on August 28. The dance is open to people aged 50 and over. The outfit is casual. DJ Garrison will spin the 50s and 60s and some country tunes for the pleasure of dancing. There will be a cake walk and a door prize.

Admission is $ 5 per person.

Gene Brown reminded us that his band will be resuming the regular Saturday night shows featuring country music. This program is free and the public is invited. They play from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Annie Lewis, who managed the kitchen for the hallway sale, thanked everyone who signed up to work during the sale. You all helped make this a successful sale. She then also asked people to sign up to work in the kitchen as well as dishwashers, scrapers and wipers for next Friday. The sign-up sheet has been distributed. Since we are self-funded, anything you can sign up for will be greatly appreciated. If you are new, the jobs will be explained as to what is involved.

Sheila also asked if anyone is aware of setting up a Facebook page, it would be wonderful if we could create one to keep the public up to date with what we have to offer here at this center.

She then introduced one of our favorite artists and members, Judy Fistler, who sang a wide variety of music from yesteryear. We all enjoyed it.

After Judy the doors were opened for lunch and Bob Jones guided us with the song The Manna Prayer and reminded us that if we are not familiar with this song it is written in our membership booklets.

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