Panhel to Host Talent Show – Old Gold & Black


The talent show will raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on October 18.

Pan-Hellenic Vice President of Community Relations Hannah Coates said the organization was excited to return to philanthropy in person.

On October 18, the Wake Forest Panhellenic Council is hosting a talent show to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Breast cancer is the second most common and deadly cancer in American women. One in eight women will be diagnosed and one in 39 will eventually die of the disease. Around the world, many organizations, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, are committed to finding a cure, improving detection technology, and improving the overall well-being of cancer patients. breast.

“[Proceeds of the show] used to go to the Susan G Komen Foundation, ”said Hannah Coates, vice president of community relations for the Pan-Hellenic Council and chief organizer of this year’s event.

Coates continued, “We decided that since we were hosting a new event, we were going to support a new organization.”

Coates said that while the fashion show was a fun event for attendees and attendees, an overhaul of the annual breast cancer fundraiser was needed.

“I was talking to the whole group about how there were probably better ways for the Pan-Hellenic community to support and represent women,” Coates said. “There is this societal pressure based on the beauty and the physical component of breast cancer, more than most other forms of cancer. So to do a fashion show, we just felt like it put a little more emphasis on appearance than needed. “

Although the main attraction changes, many side events are still the same. Prior to the start of the talent competition, there will be a silent auction consisting of baskets from the various Pan-Hellenic sororities and local businesses in Winston-Salem. There will also be an informal talk from a breast cancer radiologist on what women in their 20s should know about breast cancer. Coates is also hoping to invite a breast cancer survivor to speak, but for now, the Council is still working on logistics.

The majority of donations will come from the silent auction, but the Pan-Hellenic Council has also hosted a few one-day fundraisers this week. On October 12, the Council hosted a spin class at the Cyclebar in downtown Winston-Salem, where all registration fees went to BCRF. On October 13, the council partnered with the Chipotle by Hanes mall for a fundraiser in which 33% of sales in a four-hour window were donated to BCRF.

The show will take place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Benson 401 on October 18.

“We get a stage, a sound crew and I think it will fit 400 people,” Coates said.

Tickets cost $ 5, and there will also be food and T-shirts available for purchase.

Unlike fashion shows of the past, anyone will be allowed to participate, regardless of their Pan-Hellenic affiliation. There are still a few performance slots available, which can be claimed through the Linktree, on the Instagram page @breastcancertalentshow or via the QR codes that the organizers have hung on campus.

Coates is thrilled to see her and Panhellenic’s hard work pay off.

“This is a really special opportunity, and our first opportunity for Panhellenic in a very long time, to be able to come together in a large event space like this,” said Coates. “I see this as an opportunity for people to come together, to celebrate and also to remember the struggle that so many people are going through. Breast cancer is something that affects so many of us and so many of our loved ones. It will certainly be an evening to learn, an evening to learn, laugh and be in solidarity while raising funds for this cause. “

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