Paris Hilton has her own cooking show


Grab your apron because Paris Hilton is about to say ‘it’s hot’ from inside the kitchen … because the icon has her own Netflix cooking show!

Cooking with Paris is set to hit Netflix on August 4th and promises to “showcase her culinary expertise (or lack thereof), glamorous kitchen wardrobe, and party skills with some of her fabulous famous friends.”

The multi-hyphenated socialite will show her “very newly domesticated side and [welcome] us in her kitchen while she learns how to sauté, sear and zest. “

The project marks Hilton’s first follow-up to their intimate documentary YouTube Originals 2020, It’s Paris, in which she opened up about the trauma of her childhood after attending a Utah school for troubled teens; the impact of her released sex tape on her mental health; and more than she had ever shared with the cameras before.

Of course, the reality TV pioneer has also starred in a parade of her own shows over the years, from Simple life with former BFF Nicole Richie for My new best friend from Paris Hilton and its two international spinoffs centered in Dubai and London. There was also the often forgotten The world according to Paris, which aired on Oxygen in 2011.

Next, Hilton is set to star in a 13-episode documentary series – also on Netflix – which will follow her as she prepares to walk down her wedding aisle with her fiance Carter Reum.

Either way, she’s certainly come a long way from when she tried to cook bacon using an iron. Simple life. (Simply iconic, tbh.) And we’ll never forget the time Hilton tried to make lasagna on their YouTube channel! While you wait for her new show to end, revisit this clip below.

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