Paris Hilton signs new cooking show on Netflix


What did Paris Hilton say about the oven? “It’s hot.”

Paris Hilton has something up her sleeve – literally. The socialite has reportedly signed on to star in a new cooking show produced by Netflix.

Sharing with her 15.1 million Instagram followers, Paris confirmed the news online last week. She uploaded a photo of herself on the cover of a cookbook alongside one of her many Pomeranians. Paris looked true to herself in a hot pink dress with a large bow adorning the front.

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“Cooking with Paris,” said the fake cookbook. “Simple recipes from the kitchen of Paris Hilton.” It also added a premiere date – August 4th.e.

In the caption, Paris confirmed that she will finally return to television with the premiere of the new show. The former reality TV star didn’t divulge many details in the post, but did mention that she was “so excited” for this next chapter. Paris closed her post by asking her subscribers what they wanted her to cook.

Variety has since provided exclusive details on the upcoming show. It will air in early August with six half-hour episodes.

Not only will Paris be in the foreground, but the post notes that a variety of her famous friends will also be joining her in the kitchen, although their identities have yet to be confirmed. Together, Paris and her friends will learn to manage cooking at home, from running a grocery store to preparing the dish in the comfort of her (very, very large) kitchen.

Variety explains that viewers won’t just have mouthwatering dishes to drool over. The show will also focus on the glamorous wardrobe of Parisian cuisine as well as her tips for organizing parties and other big events.

The name Cooking in Paris is nothing new. In fact, it was previously the title of the short-lived Paris culinary series on her YouTube channel, which went viral in January 2020 when the hotel heiress made lasagna at home. The video has been viewed over 5 million times.

Paris has over a million subscribers on YouTube. Her other content includes a series known as “Paris Tries” in which the star dabbles in new products or activities. A recent video showed Paris trying sliced ​​cereal.

It is expected that Paris will share more details on the upcoming show on its social media as the premiere date approaches. But this is not Paris’ only recent foray into television. Fans can also look for her in Peacock’s docu series. Paris in love, who follows the celebrity as she plans her nuptials with Carter Reum. The show will have 13 episodes and will likely debut later this year.

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