Peter Andre confirms his reality show is back with wife Emily and kids Junior and Princess


PETER Andre brings his fly back to the mural reality show as his son Junior launches his music career – nearly ten years after it ended.

Pete, 49, who is currently starring in the West End adaptation of Grease: The Musical, will allow the cameras to return to his family and professional life later this year.


Peter has confirmed that his reality show is backCredit: Instagram
The show will follow Pete's son Junior as he launches a music career


The show will follow Pete’s son Junior as he launches a music careerCredit: Instagram

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, he remained tight-lipped on the exact details of the new series and which channel it will air on.

But confirmed his doctor wife Emily MacDonagh, 32, son Junior, 16, and daughter Princess, 14, will all star in the new show.

And with Junior having signed a huge record deal with Columbia Records, and proud dad Pete helping to guide his son as he follows in his footsteps, this will be a very different series than the last.

Her previous hit reality series launched in 2009 on ITV2 with almost two million viewers a week was a huge hit.

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This continued for ten series before Pete made the decision to step down in 2013 following the tragic death of his brother Andrew, 54, from kidney cancer.

Pete said: “Over the years I’ve been constantly asked if I’d ever bring it back and the answer has always been no.

“But it’s about doing it a bit differently and the kids are bigger now. Princess is about to sit her GCSEs and Junior is making her debut in the music industry.

“That way we can show the two very different sides of teenage life. Emily’s career is also changing.

“Then there’s the whole music management side because he’s taken care of by my team.

“It’s a really exciting time for Junior and I can’t wait for everyone to see how hard he works on his music.

“We were at his video shoot the other day when this young girl walked past me, approached Junior and said please, please can I take a picture with you ?

“She couldn’t believe it when she saw it. She gave me her phone and said can you take a picture of me and Junior?

“So of course I did. It was a great moment to share something like this with my son and see the buzz it’s already causing.

“A few people have asked me if we’re planning on doing a father-son duo, but I want the focus to be on him.

“I’m writing a few songs for a movie soundtrack, I have more TV appearances coming up and I’m Grease on the West End stage, which has been a dream come true for me.”

Pete’s wife Emily took care to keep their two children, Amelia, eight, and Theo, five, out of public view.

Pete added: “From the start, Emily always said no. She wanted to keep their childhood private.

“But if Amelia comes to an age, when she’s 13 or 14, and she wants to start doing things, then we’ll discuss it. Theo is still so young. He doesn’t really understand. When he came to me seeing at Grease, he was like why is everyone saying Peter? That was so nice.

Pete was speaking at a special event in London where he launched the ‘BBQ Beyond’ campaign and hosted a summer barbecue using produce from powerhouse Beyond Meat.

He said: “This is the future of food. I always thought it would be really something when it happened, it was about getting the right taste and texture.

“The other day I was barbecuing at home and gave Emily a Beyond Meat burger. Now she’s a very smart, very intellectual woman and she couldn’t tell the difference.

“She couldn’t believe it.”

Health-obsessed Peter says the family now eats plant-based foods three days a week.

He said: “I think more and more people are starting to realize that there are so many amazing flavors without having to eat animal meat. Now I like animal meat but I also like foods. herbal.

“I usually train five times a week. There are weeks here and there where I’m a bit soft, but usually it’s five times a week.

“And I eat what I want but I balance it, that’s what it’s all about.

“Burgers or sausages?” I am an Aussie so it will always be about burgers for me.

We now make sure to eat plant-based meat at least three times a week.

“I’m a flexitarian, it’s about having balance.

“Burgers or sausages?” I am an Aussie so it will always be about burgers for me.

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For more information on Beyond Meat’s barbecue line, which includes burgers, sausages, meatballs and ground meat, readers can go to

And for Pete’s favorite plant-based burger recipe, visit –

Junior and Princess will appear on the show, but Pete's two youngest - Theo and Amelia - will not.


Junior and Princess will appear on the show, but Pete’s two youngest – Theo and Amelia – will not.Credit: Instagram

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