Pig Little Lies: A reality show that educates, captivates and inspires kindness to animals


In search of the perfect summer sighting filled with drama, intrigue, comedy and joy? Look no further than Unchained TV new adventure – the world’s first ever reality show featuring a lively family of pigs, Little Pig Lies!

The stars of the show are Dante and Beatrice, two abandoned pot-bellied pigs who find themselves on death row in a high-mortality Southern California shelter. With a few seconds to spare, Simone Reyes, a renowned country singer with a passion for rescuing animals, finds them a home with wildlife rehabilitation expert Cindy Brady. Despite Cindy’s lack of familiarity with caring for pigs, she creates a comfortable space for their immediate care.

But there is more ! Little does the diligent rescue team know that Beatrice is about to become a mother to 13 youngsters, create more chaos, and send the team scrambling to ensure a safe and happy life for the whole family! Filled with suspense and no shortage of endearing quirks, Pig Little Lies is a groundbreaking series that makes viewers fall in love with pigs, appreciate their intelligence and desire to be with their families, and against the misinformation that constantly puts their lives in jeopardy. danger. The series hopes to educate viewers by exposing the business of selling baby pigs as mere objects, claiming they are “miniature” or “teacup” pigs. This misleads the public who are duped by this scam and left overwhelmed by caring for pigs that can weigh over 200 pounds! Sadly, most of these precious animals are then thrown into shelters where they await their impending doom. Not everyone is as lucky as Dante and Beatrice, or the famous social networks Esther the marvelous pig– all of whom have been blessed with loving families and safe homes.

Media maestro and founder of Unchained TV, Jane Velez-Mitchell says, “This series will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about pigs. You will be mesmerized by Dante, Beatrice and their adorable brood. It’s a loving family that wants to stay together. They are so intelligent, sensitive and gentle.

We wanted to know more about the show’s vision as an innovative form of animal advocacy. Jane graciously shared her admirable goals for this ingenious endeavor with VEGWORLD.

VW: How do you see Pig Little Lies as a form of animal activism?

FMV: Industries that exploit, torture and kill animals by the billions use many clever media techniques to encourage meat consumption, associating it with everything from respectability to family values. So, Little Pig Lies uses creative strategies to send viewers the opposite message. To Unchained TV we have many serious documentaries that show the horrors of animal agriculture. But, first, we need to bring viewers into the tent with something fun and lighthearted. Reality TV is an extraordinarily popular format that people love to watch. Little Pig Lies is a light-hearted reality series with a serious underlying message: every pig born into this world is a unique individual with unique personality, needs, and desires. This series allows viewers to achieve this realization for themselves. Pigs have been demonized in our society. The very word “pig” is often used as an insult. We can change this mentality by showing people WHO the pigs are. When they start to fall in love with Dante, Beatrice, and their offspring, chances are they’ll have that shift in consciousness.

VW: Do you expect any backlash from activists who might view this approach as “using” animals for entertainment? If so, how would you react?

FMV: No, I don’t expect activists to make that claim. Everyone involved in this project are animal rights activists and most volunteer their time to make this happen. Dozens of people were involved in rescuing these pigs from the slaughterhouse where they were destined to die. Activists got Dante and Beatrice out of the shelter, provided transportation, built a barn for them, and donated money for hay, food, veterinary care, and expensive equipment to protect the pigs. It was a spectacular and sweaty team effort to save the lives of these pigs. Nothing is invented. Everything happened and we showed the organic process. These pigs are happy, safe, secure, and surrounded by people who love, care for, and respect them. If only all the pigs in the world had this result!

VW: Can you talk about your experiences balancing the responsibility of sharing animal rights content while attracting more viewers without compromising the seriousness of the issue?

FMV: Our movement is growing exponentially, thanks to the brave and hard work of animal rights activists and organizations. Nevertheless, we have challenges to overcome, one of the biggest being the impossibility of individually contacting 8 billion people around the world! We have to use the mass media. We owe it to animals to take advantage of all the media platforms that exist. Streaming networks are arguably the hottest media platform right now and we’re capitalizing on that. Unchained TV is global and people are watching from countries all over the world! If we only show animal rights documentaries and conferences, the average viewer is likely to quickly hit the exit button. After a long hard day, people want to be entertained. There is nothing inherently wrong or immoral about this. I’ve been to many documentary screenings, speeches, conferences, and vegan and animal rights events where everyone in the room is already vegan. We must preach outside the choir. We need to break out of the vegan bubble and reach that 8 billion if we are to achieve the cultural shift to a plant-based society in time to avoid environmental collapse. The clock is turning.

Don’t wait any longer and download Unchained TV on your favorite platform and catch the pig saga of Dante, Beatrice and the exuberant little ones!


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Sriya is an animal rights activist, VEGWORLD writer and founder of Feed by Shriya– its vegan hospitality consultancy service that helps businesses attract the growing plant community. She is a mentor with Animal Activism Mentorshipenjoys volunteering at The Gentle Barn in Missouri and currently lives in St. Louis with her pooch, Halley.


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