Reality TV celebrity Ashutosh asks court to remove photos, videos


Ashutosh Kaushik asked the Center and Google to remove certain content.

New Delhi:

Claiming “the right to be forgotten,” reality TV celebrity Ashutosh Kaushik on Thursday asked Delhi’s High Court to order the Center and Google to remove some of his videos, photos and articles of various online platforms because they have an “adverse effect”. “on his life.

Judge Rekha Palli issued an opinion and asked the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Google, the Press Council of India and the Electronic Media Watch Center to respond to the petition stating that the petitioner invoked the “right to privacy” and the “right to be forgotten”. .

The court asked authorities to file their responses within four weeks and scheduled the case for a new hearing in December.

Ashutosh Kaushik, who won the MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 in 2007 and the second season of Big Boss in 2008, called on the Center to take urgent action to protect his reputation and dignity by removing his videos, photos and other related items. from various online platforms which are facilitated by Google as it affects his life and personal freedom.

The advocacy said that the “Right to be forgotten” reflects an individual’s claim to have certain data deleted so that third parties can no longer find it and it allows a person to silence past events in their life that no longer occur.

“Thus, the ‘Right to be forgotten’ allows individuals to have information, videos or photographs about them deleted from certain Internet recordings so that search engines cannot find them,” he said. declared.

The plea said that although the Constitution of India does not expressly recognize the “Right to be forgotten”, the Supreme Court ruled that the “Right to life” includes personal liberty, and therefore, the right to be forgotten. privacy taken from Article 21.

“The right to be forgotten” is in line with the right to privacy, which has been hailed by the Supreme Court as an integral part of Article 21 (Right to life) of the Constitution, he said. he declares.

Lawyer Amit George, representing Ashutosh Kaushik, argued that whenever his name is searched on the internet, photos relating to his past life continue to be posted on various search engines including Google and urged the court to delete all those messages, videos and photos relating to him.

Senior lawyer Arvind Nigam, representing Google, said the “right to be forgotten” was not yet law in the country.

The petition said that Ashutosh Kaushik’s valuable contribution to the television and big screen industry has won him praise, love and appreciation from people across India.

“However, despite exceptional success in the big screen industry, under deep agony the petitioner must have suffered extreme psychological pain for his tiny acts, which were mistakenly committed a decade ago as the videos, photos and recorded articles are available on various search engines / online platforms, ”says the petition filed by advocates Akshat Bajpai, Ishanee Sharma and Shreya Gupta.

The advocacy was aimed at ordering the authorities to take effective and time-bound measures to remove all posts, videos and articles written under Ashtosh Kaushik’s name, which are irrelevant at present and seriously undermine his dignity and reputation.

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