Rosie Jones to host Channel 4 cooking show in ‘step forward’ for disability representation


Comedian Rosie Jones is set to host a new comedy, chat and cooking show for Channel 4, in what is described as a ‘big step forward’ for the portrayal of disability on television.

Dine harda five-part series, will see Jones – an amateur cook – try her hand at preparing meals for several famous faces.

In order to diversify on screen and behind the scenes, one-third of the show’s cast and staff will be comprised of talent with disabilities.

“Expect good conversation, mediocre food, and (hopefully) very little culinary travel at A&E,” Channel 4 says in his announcement.

Thomas Pullen, the broadcaster’s head of digital commissioning, said the portrayal of disability in cooking and chat shows was not “as far reaching as in some other genres”.

“So with Rosie Jones: Hard Dinnerwe wanted to take a big step forward and throw Rosie deep, asking her to do both of those things, cook and chat, and in true Rosie style, she rose to that challenge,” he said. declared.

Jones suffers from ataxic cerebral palsy, which affects balance and coordination and causes slow speech.

She often incorporates her disability into her comedy, opening it before Living at the Apollo performance with the line: “As you can tell by my voice, I suffer from being Nordic.”

Next to Dine hard, Channel 4 also commissioned Jones for two other projects.

In a unique, as yet untitled documentary, Jones will explore society’s attitudes towards people with disabilities.

The comedian is a regular target of abuse on social media, recently tweeting a screenshot of a hateful comment she received about her teeth.

Jones said she would use the documentary as an opportunity to investigate the extent of the problem, looking in particular at the specifics of the language used towards people with disabilities.

Channel 4 has also announced a second series of Trip hazardwhich sees Jones travel to the UK’s most unlikely destinations to experience the quirky and quirky activities on offer at each location.

“It gives me great pleasure to lead not one, not two, but three Channel 4 shows! How lucky am I?!” Jones said.

“In my opinion, Channel 4 has always been the pioneer channel when it comes to championing and celebrating diversity, and presenting different and important stories. These three shows do just that. Oh, do I have a brilliantly busy year ahead of me! »

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events at Channel 4said Jones is a “brilliant talent”.

“We’re thrilled that viewers can see more of the Rosie they love in Trip hazardas well as a different side of her in the documentary that delves into a hugely important issue that is incredibly close to Rosie’s heart,” he said.


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