Sayeeda Warsi to be part of Channel 4 reality show ‘Make Me Prime Minister’


Former Tory co-chair Sayeeda Warsi will join Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell in Channel 4’s upcoming reality show ‘Make Me Prime Minister’.

The six-part series will feature 12 headstrong Britons, who will be tested on their skills as Prime Minister, including giving speeches, conducting negotiations and taking part in debates with their rivals.

Campbell said: “Done correctly, being Prime Minister is hard work as anyone can do. It’s great that so many people think they can do it and I look forward to working with Sayeeda Warsi to guide them and challenge them to see if they really have what it takes.

“It’s fair to say that politics is a bit of a mess right now and I’m hoping not only will some real political talent emerge through the show, but that it can inspire audiences to engage more in politics. politics and getting involved properly.”

Warsi added: “As Chairman of the Conservative Party and Cabinet Minister in a coalition government, I was convinced that values ​​and ethics matter as much as political ideology.

“So Alastair Campbell and I are putting aside our political differences to focus on what it takes to lead. I hope we can inspire a new generation of passionate voters and politicians.

‘Make Me Prime Minister’ will air later this year on Channel 4.


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