Selection project “Idol x Audition x Reality Show” Streaming on Funimation


Following Funimation’s announcement on Monday, they confirmed that the Selection project “Idol x Audition x Reality Show” will be up to them to broadcast. The show first begins in Japan (in October) and will then premiere in the west. Kadokawa initially teased the multimedia project in December. Only now has Selection project had real confirmation and a release schedule.

Daisuke Hiramaki (Naruto Shippuden) conducts the anime at Doga Kobo studio (Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun). Yuya Takahashi (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) supervises and writes the screenplay. Kanna hirayama (Rent a girlfriend) designs the characters, and Yohei Kisara (Another) produces music. Finally, Dandelion Animation Studio (Haikyu !!) did CG animation for all episodes.

The story behind Selection project

This project concerns the seventh “Selection Project”, which is a national reality TV show for idols. The show is the gateway for young girls who want to become idols. The show notably follows nine girls who each won the regional qualifiers. Audience votes determine which girl wins or loses the “hearing battle”.

The main story of Funimation’s Selection project “Idol x Audition x Reality Show” follows Suzune Miyama, who wishes to be an idol like Akari Amazawa. Suzune had an illness that prevented her from appearing on the show, but she always listened to Akari’s music to make herself feel better. After spending time in the hospital, Akari’s voice also gave Suzune the courage to pursue her idol dream. From there, she decides to enter the seventh “Selection Project” and make her dreams come true.

Along with this manga series, the author (Koji Azuma) released another manga. This story follows that of Akari, who became the first winner of the Selection Project show. For now, the four-part manga is still in the works and can be found on the official website and Twitter.

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