Some people can’t stand Amy Schumer’s cooking show: “She’s always been awful”


When the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and the whole world had to go into quarantine, people got very creative. We had to find unique ways to keep ourselves busy at home, so as not to lose our marbles. Celebrities were no exception. They shared stories and videos on how they were spending the lockdown time. Talk show greats like Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon have started filming their shows at home.

Some celebrity chefs also continued their shows in the comfort of their homes. Amy Schumer, who isn’t a chef at all, started her own cooking show with her husband (who happens to be a chef). The show receives mixed reviews from viewers, and they seem to like it or hate it.

Amy Schumer | Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

Who is Amy Schumer?

Amy Schumer is an actress and comedian who is best known for her daring humor and self-deprecating jokes. Schumer’s parents owned a baby furniture business in Manhattan, but when his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the business went bankrupt and the family moved to Long Island, according to Britannica.

Schumer attended Towson University, earning a degree in theater and developing a passion for acting. She started working as a comedian, then made her television debut in the series. Last comic standing in 2007. She started working on various projects with Comedy Central in 2010, and eventually got the green light for her own show, Inside Amy Schumer.

Inside Amy Schumer started in 2013 and in 2014 Schumer won a Peabody Award. In 2015, she received a prime-time Emmy Award. 2015 was a year for the actress – she also made her way to the big screen in her semi-autobiographical film Rail accident.

In 2016, Schumer became the first sold-out stand-up actress at Madison Square Garden. After going on tour, the talented star continued to make films, including comedies. snatch and I feel beautiful. She also starred in a drama titled Thank you for your service, who explored the life of an Iraqi veterinarian.

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Does she have a cooking show?

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During the pandemic, Schumer found an interesting way to use his lockdown time. She and her husband, Chef Chris Fischer, started a cooking show from their home on Martha’s Vineyard. Amy Schumer learns to cook is now in its second season on Food Network.

The couple recently returned to the kitchen to give viewers another season full of comfort food and witty jokes. Chris is like a big kid in the kitchen and seems to be having fun working with his wife. Schumer is often exasperated by her husband and his childish demeanor, but his sarcastic remarks and funny comments make the series very laid back and heartwarming.

Chris and Amy are teaming up with Food Network to donate part of their earnings to Know Your Rights Camp, founded by NFL star Colin Kaepernick, according to People.

Why do people not like it?

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Although Amy Schumer learns to cook was recently nominated for an Emmy Award (Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program), it seems not everyone enjoys the show. Food Network viewers recently commented on Reddit about their issues with the show and with Schumer herself.

One Redditor even said, “She’s always been awful.” Another Reddit user had very strong feelings about the show – “I watched 10 minutes of this show and it’s the worst product ever on TV.” They go on to say that Schumer is not very nice to her husband and that everything in the show is awful – the camera work, the lighting, the lack of music, etc. Other viewers who don’t like the show weren’t so specific. , just saying that they can’t stand Amy Schumer and therefore don’t enjoy the show.

However, many other Redditors have had positive reviews of the series. A lot of people love husband and wife jokes, and they don’t feel like it’s that mean in any way. They like the feeling of casualness and silliness, and call the show “charming”.


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