Southern Charm: 10 Best Quotes From The Reality TV Show


Just like his brother Bravo The real housewives, Southern charm has built a huge fan base who can’t wait to hear what the stars say next. Each member of the cast brings their voice to the show, resulting in some entertaining quotes as some reality stars are big party-goers and others, like Cameran and Patricia, are easier to understand and more down to earth- down.

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As Shep and Craig fight, Patricia proves why she’s the most sophisticated actor, or Cam puts it like it is, the cast of Southern charm are famous for their memorable quotes. These statements are the ones that have marked the most fans over the 7 seasons.

ten “You’re just unhappy with yourself. Why else would you want to come see me all the time?

shep and craig on southern charm

Over the 7 seasons of Southern charm, fans watched the very close friendship between Shep and Craig. The two often feel more like brothers than pals, as they make fun of each other in a light way. Sometimes things get a little more tense between them, like when Craig said that to Shep in Season 4. Fans can learn from Southern charm, and that often involves looking at a long-standing friendship and seeing how the two parties treat each other.

Craig honestly asked Shep why they had so much conflict, and it was hard to see such good friends arguing. But as is often the case with a fight on a reality TV show, it can be difficult to choose sides as both stars appear to be right and wrong.

9 “What’s wrong with my stitching?” “

Craig’s love for sewing is well known to fans of this reality TV series. While it was a hobby at first, Craig is so passionate about sewing that he started a line of pillows and it looks like it’s going really well.

Some people weren’t so sure about how Craig was spending his time, including his ex-girlfriend Naomie. This is one of the best quotes in the series because Craig was upset and wondered why his friends judged him so harshly. He just wanted to express his creativity.

8 “Not everyone wants to be on reality TV. “

When the question of Cam’s husband Jason came up in a meeting, Cam said so in response. Fans were curious why he hadn’t filmed any scenes, but it made sense that she wanted to keep some of her private life.

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Like many others Southern charm quotes, this one is even more meaningful now, as Cam left the show after season 6. She might have been talking about her husband, but now her statement explains how she feels too. Cam felt the time had come to say goodbye to him, and his absence was definitely felt.

7 “Be frank with me, either you want to be a fucking lawyer or you don’t.”

Craig and Naomi in Southern Charm

One of the most dramatic moments of Southern charm was about Craig’s journey to becoming a lawyer. His co-stars weren’t sure if he’d accepted the bar, and there were plenty of questions about this time in his life.

Craig’s girlfriend at the time, Naomie, was the one who told Craig this bold statement in Season 4, and fans loved her, as she tried to unravel the mystery. No one would have cared if Craig had said he didn’t want to do law after all. His friends just wanted him to be honest and find something to make him happy.

6 “If Kathryn has Thomas Ravenel’s baby, I can assure you that she won’t be working a day in her life.

Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel get joint custody of the children

Cameran’s quote is even more powerful today than it was when she first said it, as fans watched Kathryn and Thomas’ intermittent relationship for several seasons. Cam was simply telling it as it was: since the Ravenels are a wealthy and well-known family, it seemed like Kathryn would have a comfortable life.

Sadly, the couple’s love story has taken many twists and turns, and they are co-parents but no longer together. Viewers appreciated Cam’s down-to-earth, down-to-earth attitude, and that’s one of the reasons she missed the show.

5 “I don’t have a husband right now, so I fill the house with butlers. You can’t have too many butlers.”

michael giving patricia a drink with southern charm

Patricia is one of the friendliest actors on Southern charm because she truly embodies a sophisticated lifestyle. Over the years, fans have seen her and her beloved butler, Michael, serve her cocktails and help her on her amazing parties.

This is one of the best quotes from Patricia because it is hilarious and explains so much, due to the fact that she has been married to her chic lifestyle several times. The other cast members often visit Patrica for drinks and advice, and she is always interested in their lives, which is so sweet to see. And whatever scene Patricia finds herself in, she’s bound to say something compelling.

4 “Everyone gets a ticket on the hot mess express.”

Southern Charm's Shep, Cam and Thomas are on the set of WWHL

Reality TV fans rely on stars to always know what they are thinking, as these straightforward statements create entertaining and humorous moments, but they also sometimes speak to the theme of the show. In this case, Cam made this statement and explained that sometimes, Southern charm is a bit messy.

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Cam’s quote is great because she could have just said people were getting a little wild or dramatic. But instead, she summed up the drama in a clever way, and it worked really well.

3 “Leisure is what excites me.”

Shep Rose Southern Charm Short

Less sympathetic Southern charm cast members, Shep has lost fans over the years. He is known for casually dating and surprising viewers when he started a more serious relationship in a recent season.

This quote explains why Shep doesn’t work out and why he’s totally okay with it, and it definitely sums up his personality. He’s pretty cold about most things in life, except when he’s fighting with Craig, and he seems quite comfortable with the lifestyle he’s leading.

2 “I have no interest in an inferior martini.”

Patricia once proved her elegance and love for a good drink with this beautiful quote.

Patricia’s belief in a good martini stands in stark contrast to the way some of her co-stars party. They may be okay with drinking beer and a lot, but Patricia has a higher level, and viewers love it about her. Patricia balances the show’s wild moments, whether she’s talking to her son Whitney, being the perfect host for a dinner party, or giving advice on etiquette.

1 “The typical Charleston guy has tenth degree PPS, which is Peter Pan syndrome.”

Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks laugh in a car

The first two seasons of Southern charm introduced fans to the culture of Charleston and fans saw that the cast loved to party and casually go out.

Cam’s quote is important because she made it clear to viewers that they would see a lot of young people having fun and trying not to grow taller. This is also an important quote since Cam has always been the “voice of reason” actor and the person who has tried to give others helpful advice to become more mature and adult.

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