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GREENSBURG — St. Mary’s Elementary students celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a different theme for each day.

Monday was “No Uniform Day”, Tuesday was “Hat Day”, Wednesday was “Knights’ Spirit Wear Day”, Thursday was “True Color Day”, and Friday was “Breakfast Day”.

A special highlight for Hat Day was the whole school talent show held in the gymnasium.

For the afternoon event, teachers, students (and even baby goats) enjoyed energetic dance numbers, gymnastics, musical groups and extremely talented soloists.

The show kicked off with a freshman cast consisting of Briley Stier, Kate Jones, Maggie Johannigman, Sunny Kress, Victoria Koors and Claire Hoeing. The girls, all dressed in matching “We don’t talk about” t-shirts, danced to the song We don’t talk about Bruno.

Henry Wenning then did some impressive sleight of hand, and Gwendolyn Gauck showed off her memorization skills by singing their names to a catchy tune.

Mackenzie Lohrum sang the song “Garden of God” solo, without any recorded accompaniment. Sixth grade freshmen Sophia Volz and Alli Bedel performed the anthem Amazing Grace with freshman pianist Josie Wenning.

Parker Yake and Ross Gorell showed off their basketball skills, dribbling basketballs in a well-rehearsed routine.

Fifth grader Maxwell Gauck showed off his vocal talents performing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

The event was sponsored and hosted by members of St. Mary’s Student Council. President Madison Gould and Vice President Wade Schutte then spoke about the event.

“It was really a way for people to show off their talents, get out there and have fun while we celebrate National Schools Week,” Gould said.

Schutte expressed pleasant surprise with the event, saying, “I really liked the magic acts.”

There was no overall winner, but the K-2 category winners were Kate Jones, Victoria Koors, Claire Hoeing, Maggie Johannigman, Sunny Kress and Briley Stier.

Maxwell Gauck won Third through Fifth Division; and Emma Richards, Nikki Harpring, Kylie Harpring and Carmin Ripperger stole the prize for the 6th-8th grade division with their gym routine.

A total of 18 groups of students from grades one through eight showed that St. Mary’s kids have some serious talent!.


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