The hardest part of putting together a cooking show, according to Joanna Gaines


Joanna’s husband Chip Gaines hit it off and also commented on how interesting it was to watch his wife hone her skills and become a natural TV boss. “The first time I looked at her I said … ‘It’s like you’re trying to rub your stomach and pat yourself on the head at the same time. It’s so many different parts of your body. brains that have to shoot in sequence ‘… and it’s quite interesting to watch her perfect this craft. ” He added, “As just someone who literally sits down and watches her backstage, she has adapted to this universe. [she] It just feels natural to me and it’s really fun to see that you’ve developed this skill, this talent. “

The other part is that Joanna has to stay well placed in the composition of the camera as well. Speaking to Trib Live, Food Network Executive Culinary Producer Jill Novatt gives more details on this other common stressor during filming: “You have to really cook, while listening to the food producer whisper in your ear. telling you to smile and move your hand because it is blocking the celery, while also paying attention to the studio director on the ground pointing to the camera you have to face. ”

That’s a lot of direction to go, while still looking relaxed and happy in front of the camera too! But Joanna Gaines clearly got it under control.


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