‘The Polish Cooking Show’, set in Chicago, airs Saturday on WTTW


Food and comfort go hand in hand in many cultures around the world. But Poland has contributed so much in this vein, especially in the Chicago area, which has a large Polish-American population, that we might not realize that we are enjoying a Polish tradition when we eat it.

What would we be without the pierogi, stuffed cabbage rolls and potato pancakes? And what would Fat Tuesday be without the decadent Paczki? But there is so much more to Polish cuisine, and Love and Light Productions LLC is bringing the food, culture and traditions of Polish Americans to WTTW with “The Polish Cooking Show” – premiering this weekend.

“Polish culture is filled with beauty and wonder,” says Rikki Lee Travolta, show producer and longtime Woodstock resident. He says the show “will be sure to delight not only Poles, but anyone interested in other cultures, stories and recipes.” ‘The Polish Cooking Show’ brings the splendor of Polish cuisine and culture to the comfort of your home.

One tradition brought with the several waves of Polish immigrants to Chicago is that when a young man gets married, his mother takes his new daughter-in-law under her wing and teaches her the family recipes and the cultural stories that go with them. That’s exactly what this new series is: a one-part cooking show and one-part history and cultural experience.

Bride Natalie Rokita, right, and her stepmother Ala Rokita present “The Polish Cooking Show”, which premiered this weekend on WTTW.
– Courtesy of WTTW

The hosts are real newlyweds Natalie Rokita, née Czupta, and her stepmother Ala Rokita, affectionately known as Mama Ala. Together, they present delicious family recipes with easy-to-follow instructions while sharing fun and educational information. about Polish culture.

“We found our hosts to be wonderful. They really love each other, and it reads,” Travolta said. “And love is a great seasoning.”

For the first episode, Mama Ala will show how to make her easy golabki, which results in little pigeons or stuffed cabbage rolls. It is a popular dish in Germany, Russia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Tune in to see how Polish chefs put their twists on this classic.

“The Polish Cooking Show” premieres at 11 am on Saturday, November 20 and will air again at 10:30 am on Sunday, November 21 on WTTW. For more details, visit www.ThePolishCookingShow.com.


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