The Reality Show You Should Watch, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Sometimes you might be in the mood for a historical documentary or an Oscar-winning movie, while other times you just need to relax, turn off your brain, and watch some good old-fashioned reality TV. But with the endless options on Hulu and Netflix, it can be hard to know exactly what will hit this easy-to-watch but totally entertaining spot. Want a relaxing and sweet cooking show? Or do you prefer an exciting adventure? Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day at the office or feel like you’re competing with the stars, there’s something for everyone and astrology can help you narrow it down. Read on to find out which reality show you should watch based on your zodiac sign.

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Netflix’s Sweet Reality Series Get Curious with Jonathan Van Ness is the perfect show for an Aries. According Astrologer based in Hollywood, California Ryan Marquardt, the host and companion Aries, Jonathan Van Nesswho became famous weird eye, has “that feisty, exuberant personality that all Aries can relate to.” The show, which started out as a podcast, features fan-favorite JVN who interviews people to learn more about different specialized topics. “Aries is the born leader, a trailblazer, and they will love watching Jonathan’s journey as he discovers more about himself and the world around him through the eyes of fellow trailblazers,” says Marquardt. Experiencing the world around you with another Aries is the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Noel Fielding, Prue Leith, Paul Hollywood and contestant Rochica at the Great British Baking Show
Mark Bourdillon/Netflix

Nothing is as relaxing as relaxing with The Great British Bake Off and watch amateur pastry chefs create delicious, inventive treats. Marquardt describes the cult classic as “reliable, hilarious, and delightful,” which happen to be the “qualities most Taurus people embody.” It helps that Taurus love food and GBBO highlights amazing recipes they can try at home.

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Chloe Veitch in The Circle

There’s no better show than The circle for this two-sided sign. If you’re a Gemini, you might even have watched it before because it has everything you love in one place. But if not, here’s why the wild competition show is for you. “Gemini has multiple personalities, so it’s no coincidence that the show often includes contestants who claim to be one person online, but in real life they’re a completely different person,” says Marquardt. He also describes Geminis as adept at mind games, “which is the only way for the contestants to get to the end.” Maybe this brand should also consider the competition?

christine and chelsea walking

Cancers can be intense, so sit back and escape to the A-list world of Beverly Hills real estate on sell sunset, maybe just what they need to relax. The show will allow them to disconnect from the world around them and, more importantly, it will inspire born housewives. Cancers want everywhere they feel at home, whether it’s a rented apartment or their office, and they want their friends and colleagues to feel like family. Marquardt promises that “even though each character has their own story, they come together to form a (sometimes dysfunctional) family.”

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Rupaul's funniest reality TV catchphrases

Marquardt suggests RuPaul’s Drag Race for “larger than life” Leos, because “that’s the whole point of drag culture.” Leos will love seeing the dramatic costumes and exhilarating performances. Marquardt says this fun show “doesn’t underplay the drama, so it’s perfect for Leos who want to feel that central, jaw-dropping moment, because every episode is full of it.” The show will also turn this search for a creative sign into a superstar moment in its own right.

nailed it

Nailed it features competitors creating dishes that don’t turn out perfectly, which might seem odd to constantly searching Virgos. But Marquardt reveals that “Virgos have the stereotype of being clean and perfect, but a lot of them are messy and imperfect.” The soft and light show is the perfect way for intense Virgos to unwind. “All Virgos want to master something in life, but they’re painfully aware of the importance of failure on the journey to self-mastery,” says Marquardt. Thankfully, this show reminds analytical Virgos that all of their mistakes are okay in the end.

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Project track
Buena Vista TV / Disney-ABC Home TV

Marquardt calls Libras the “fashionistas of the zodiac,” so it makes sense that they’d want to hook up with a chic show. Project track is perfect because it’s all about style but also has enough intrigue to keep them interested. As an air sign, Marquardt says Libra also knows the ins and outs of social dynamics, which makes watching designers work together even more intriguing.

mike and hannah b on the bachelorette

Scorpios love a guilty pleasure, and that’s exactly what The single person is. The reality show is perfect for Scorpios, who Marquardt says are “intimately aware of the dynamics of romantic entanglements.” And while it’s not exactly steamy, often the spinoff of the summer Bachelor in Paradise is. If Scorpios want a reality TV show with a bit more heat, they can always give it a try. the island of love, England’s much messier response to the franchise.

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Still from The Amazing Race
CBS Television Distribution

As an explorer of the zodiac, Sagittarius loves to travel and Fantastic race, which has been on television for two decades, is all about adventure. “Their wanderlust will be satisfied, as teams of two will literally travel the world in one race,” says Marquardt. He calls it “exotic, exhilarating, and entertaining,” which are “three qualities that naturally attract Sagittarius.” This wild sign might even be tempted to enter the contest, especially when he finds out about the million dollar prize.

Millionaire Joe
FOX for Getty Images

Marquardt calls Millionaire Joe Capricorn’s “perfect show, as it presents two harsh realities: broke and rich”. This hardworking sign is “aware of the economic disparities that exist in society, so they’ll love to see how it plays out on a dating show.” Capricorns work hard to succeed in life, so they will appreciate people showing off their gains. The reality show, which recently returned after it first aired in 2003, features two single men dating 20 different women who don’t know who the millionaire is and who is broke. This show can also help Capricorns realize that they don’t have to work so hard all the time.

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big brother casting

Big brother is the perfect way to teach Aquarians, who often have their heads in the clouds, how to relate to others. Winner Big brother means getting along with your roommates, which can often be difficult for stubborn Aquarians. Marquardt says since Aquarius defends the underdog, they’ll enjoy “rooting for the black sheep roommate every season.”

still love is blind

On Love is blind, singles get engaged without ever seeing what the person looks like. Marquardt thinks it will “resonate deeply with Pisces, who are romantics at heart.” Instead of relying on physical attraction, the contestants literally talk to each other. Marquardt describes Pisces as believing “in that epic, fantastic type of love,” which is also true of the contestants. Marquardt calls this belief “a little delusional and unrealistic,” but Pisces and Love is blind the cast members can both relate to the hopeless romance.

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