The Western MT chef appearing on a nationally televised cooking show


The exceptional talents and products of an expert Montana chef have captured the attention of a nationally distributed cooking show.

Chef Shelly Meyer began cooking professionally in 2000, catering for elite clientele in the Arabian horse industry. In fact, she once successfully cooked an upscale dinner for 75 people, in a stable, with only a portable grill. Shelly says it’s times like these that teach you how to handle any adversity and find solutions to challenges.

In 2005, Shelly and her husband Brad opened Bradley O’s Steakhouse in her hometown of Hamilton. After 10 years they retired from the brick and mortar restaurant. But part of his legacy was a wildly popular steak seasoning created by Brad. And in 2020, Shelly began commercially manufacturing her Made In Montana seasoning blends. She has a passion for the great outdoors and creates spice blends inspired by a true love of food.

Montana Flavor 2 Savor spices are successfully wholesaled to several retailers in Montana and nationwide through their website. Receiving rave reviews, Chef Shelly has served as a private chef for a notable clientele: business moguls, movie stars, professional athletes and others. Shelly cooks mainly wild game harvested by her husband at home. She has developed a wide range of flavors and techniques that pair best with game. .

Chef Shelly has also honed her craft on the TV screen over the past year on her own YouTube channel cooking shows, and just this week (Tuesday May 17) a team of eat this tv will be in his Bitterroot Valley kitchen, filming an episode that will air in the next two to three weeks.

Eat This TV is a social media cooking show, giving chefs the ability to create, share and discover food-related videos. The programs are distributed on most major streaming platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire, YouTube and Apple TV.

Our congratulations to Chef Shelly Meyer. You foodies, be sure to watch his show on your favorite streaming service!

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