‘The Wife’s’ Lindah Majola Scored ‘The Wedding Chef’ Cooking Show


Newcomer Lindah Majola who plays the role of Langa in the Showmax telenovela Wife scored a new cooking reality show The wedding leader.

The new cooking reality show will air on SABC1 with Majola as host.

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TikToker and chef Linda Majola who stars in The Wife as Langa scored a new cooking reality show titled The wedding leader on SABC1.

The culinary reality show is about a chef who meets an engaged couple while bringing a week-long wedding celebration to your screens.

The 25-year-old actor is a professional chef in real life, who worked out of his trailer, cooking and making fries for people every day before his big break on The Wife.

The actor studied Restaurant Management at Durban University of Technology and graduated Cum Laude with his National Diploma.

“I’ve just been working in my caravan, cooking and making fries for people every day, so now to be here with the kings and queens of their respectable estates, it’s been an amazing opportunity for me.”

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Lindah Majola is also known for attracting a number of fans with her viral comedy sketches on social networks.

He started creating content for TikTok when hard lockdowns were put in place during COVID-19.

“I started sharing it on Instagram as well, which a lot of people appreciated.”

“That’s when people started to see that I had a talent for acting and a talent for communicating with people.”

“And so I auditioned for the role of uLanga.”

“And after several months, I heard that I got the role. So from TikTok on TV.

He plays the flamboyant and outspoken twin brother of Hlomu (Mbali Mavimbela).

“He really navigates the new world that Langa finds himself in and faces a lot of homophobia from the Zulu brothers.”

“Langa is honestly the embodiment of his name. He is the sun.

“He brings sunshine. It brings brightness to the room.

The character is no exaggeration of who Linda is, and they also shared similar experiences, he shares.

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