VIDEO Just when you thought you were out of cooking show ideas, here comes Chef vs. Wild to prove you wrong: when you can see it, where


The new cooking show Chef vs. Wild throws chefs back into nature and motivates them to seek out enough ingredients from nature to craft exquisite dishes.

Just when you thought TV producers were running out of ideas for new cooking show formats, comes Chef vs Wild, a cooking-focused reality show that functions as a crossover that mixes MasterChef with Survivor.

The result is quite an interesting sight that demonstrates the ingenuity, determination and competitiveness of the chefs in the wild, the kind where they have no choice but to fend for themselves.

What will happen in Chef vs Wild

In each episode of Chef vs Wild, two chefs are transported by helicopter to remote locations with a survivor and a wilderness survival expert. They must search and find enough ingredients in nature to concoct an exquisite meal.

The series is produced by Leftfield Pictures and David Chang in conjunction with Vox Media Studios and is hosted by chef and adventurer Kiran Jethwa.

Chefs don’t have to cook their meals over a campfire with a knife like Rambo’s, as you might imagine. Once they have gathered all of their ingredients, they are then invited to the “wild kitchen” where they will cook a meal for Jethwa host and wild kitchen expert Valerie Segrest. The aforementioned two will choose a winner.

Participating cooks are already passionate about food preparation and have plenty of experience spending time outdoors. They include Katie Coss of Tulsa, a former chef at Sean Brock’s Husk in Nashville, as well as James Beard Award winner and author Alan Bergo.

The newest and most exciting cooking show, Chefs vs. Wild, will premiere on Hulu on September 26.

There is a good chance that in the future, Romanian television channels will pick up the concept and adapt it to the Romanian small screen. Whether that will be the case remains to be seen.


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