VJ Parvathy Wins Zee Tamil Reality Show Super Queen Title


Each competitor was given a new task in the working rounds.

The grand finale episode of Super Queen aired on Zee Tamil on May 15th.

The popular Tamil reality show Super Queen featuring female celebrities premiered on Zee Tamil in December last year and it has attracted a huge number of fans. It has become one of the most notable reality shows. The show ended with VJ Parvathy emerging as the title winner for the first season. The grand finale of the show took place on May 15.

After becoming the winner of Super Queen, Parvathy said she thought it would just be a reality show, thus making her reluctant to join the team initially. But she now feels it was a lifetime experience, and it made her look at her own life in a completely different way.

This show allowed him to recognize his true potential and work towards its realization. She has become more aware of her own personality and talents and could work on honing them, Parvathy revealed.

Recounting her experience during the show, she said she was worried about how to prepare for the different challenges on the reality show. She also mentioned how the show helped her express her love, emotions, and sense of fashion.

“A day working as a nurse in a cancer institute was an unforgettable memory. At the end of the day, I was very moved by the thought of the children with cancer there. Not only me, but everyone on the show had a new experience during the “Labor Round.” It’s not just a reality show,” Parvathy said.

Each competitor was given a new task in the working rounds. While some fed stray dogs, some had to be with children with cancer, and some even picked up rags with city workers. The show featured about ten female celebrities with actors Radha and Nakul as judges.

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