What is “TV’s Greatest Cooking Show?”


Seven’s CEO, James Warburton, told me last week that MKR was “the greatest cooking show on television”, which may surprise some – but is he right?

Chef gets more column inches than the rebooted MKR but how do the two compare in terms of numbers?

To take a closer look, compare Total TV’s numbers, which include 7 Days Offset, BVOD and Regional viewers.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 averaged 840,000 total viewers, up to 1.1 million total domestic viewers for the Grand Finals Part 2 (we’ll ignore the winner’s announcement as ad rates aren’t set by these).

The show came back strong for 10 years with their highest shares since 2020.

MKR is on the cusp of its grand finale and although its overnight numbers have been overshadowed by rival shows, the Total TV lift is nonetheless very strong.

Lately, they put the show to impressive numbers from Total TV:


Seven has a strong following through 7plus and its regional interests, formerly Prime7, as well as a loyal following in Perth and Adelaide in particular.

If the Grand Final will eclipse Chef‘s or not remains to be seen.

Critic Colin Vickery said TV tonight “When the total number of TVs is taken into account, the back-to-basics reboot of My kitchen rules should be considered a success. I’m sure Channel Seven will announce a 2023 season.

“What Seven would particularly like is that the ratings for the show have remained strong following the release of Nigella Lawson. Matt Preston et al are attracting so many viewers.

“As for what show among MKR and Chef has bragging rights – that’s a bit debatable because the ratings prove there’s room for both.


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