What was Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges’ first reality show together? TV stars to appear in episode 3 of Celebrity Beef


celebrity beef Episode 3 will see in the E! food boxing ring two celebrities who once had a big blowout on screen. In the next episode, Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges will compete to cook a better meal. Although the two have resolved their issues, it will be interesting to see who impresses host and judge, Joel McHale.

The objective of the game is simple; celebrities can solve their problem while cooking mouth-watering dishes and earning money for charity along the way. To add fuel to the fire, the Community the actor and comedian will continue to throw twists and turns their way.

A press release from E! said:

“As the celebrities try to settle scores in the kitchen, things get spicy as they reveal the scoop on their rivalry. As host, Joel acts as prosecutor, judge and jury, creating twists and turns with various challenges throughout the confrontation.”

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The next episode of celebrity beef airs August 16 at 10 p.m. ET on E!

Big brother quarrel to continue celebrity beef

In the next episode of celebrity beef, the two old Big brother competitors will compete. In Big brother Season 3, Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges had a fight from the start, with most of the contestants siding with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. Bailey and Bridges disagreed on a particular vote.

In an exchange with Todd and Lamar Odom, Carson Kressley said:

“But it’s never appropriate to stand up and face a woman.”

Todd- She was bullshitting me. Lamar- She got a little more emotional. She was like “I don’t need to eat your ribs”. Todd- Yeah, she chased me. Carson- But it’s never appropriate to stand up and face a woman. Todd- I was just scaring him #CBBUS3

Carson tried to explain Cynthia’s point of view to the Different shots actor, but Bridges refused to budge. The entire exchange didn’t sit well with viewers and prompted Cynthia’s husband to tweet against Bridges.

Mike Hill tweeted:

“This guy hasn’t lost his mind!!!”

Bailey and Bridges have since resolved their issues. The RHOA star spoke about the fight on Doctors and called it regrettable. She even said that she was still a fan of Bridges and that he was one of her favorite members of the BB lodge.

She says:

“You know when you’re in a house and you don’t have access, no outlets to anything. You don’t have a phone, you don’t have a TV, you have no way to decompress, everything is important. I spent my birthday in the Big Brother House. I turned 55 and I am in the middle of pre-menopause so I have mood swings. I have hot flashes and this man is like coming for me. ‘not regulating the temperature.'”

In a conversation with Andy Cohen after the show, the actress described life in the house as a pressure cooker and said she kept her patience until she got down to it with Bridges. The two have since apologized and settled their differences.

The Big brother the reunion will take place in E! ‘s kitchen in the last episode of celebrity beef with Joel McHale.

In a preview, Cynthia accused the feud of being pre-menopausal, leading the host to joke about it and say he would use that as an excuse in the future. She added that she got along well with Bridges until she didn’t, but both have since been good.

will be on celebrity beef burn more bridges because only one of them can bring home the dough and cook the meal of the day?

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