‘Zoe Bakes’ Filming Locations: All About the Famous Cooking Show!

A photo from the show

Have you ever watched the tantalizing show Zoe Bakes and wondered where it was filmed? Well, we have what you need! Before going into the details of the filming, let’s talk a bit about the series and Zoe. We know that Zoe Francois is a well-known cookbook author. Now she has come up with a show called Zoe Bakes. It offers various recipes and cooking tips for everyone to watch. Its main purpose is to make cooking fun and easy. We see her share her secrets for cooking beautifully and also how even we can cook from the comfort of our homes!

People who love to cook and make it a hobby are often the audience for these kinds of cooking shows. However, Zoe says she wants to bring happiness to everyone! She shows how cooking is not a very difficult task if done well, and the advice she gives is very helpful. Youngsters who are looking forward to cooking during the ongoing pandemic can surely watch her recipes and have fun cooking!

We’ve all struggled to stay away from appetizing desserts because of lockdowns and the virus. However, shows like Zoe Bakes come to our rescue and teach us a thing or two about baking at home! Now that we’ve shared a little sneak peek of Zoe’s vision, let us give you details on where Zoe Bakes is filmed and more!

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What is Zoe Bakes talking about?

On the popular cooking show, Zoe explores some of the techniques of top pastry chefs, showing her audience how to make great sweets and desserts from the comfort of their own home! It is a show that has a large audience of mothers and bakers. Certainly, people come to look at the recipes again and again from time to time. The show features a variety of recipes, from baked pies to delicious cakes that kids and adults love.

People who watch the show will surely know that Zoe’s catchphrase is “Eat dessert, first!” but this show is more accurately defined as eating dessert all the time! The plan is to mix inspiration, techniques and a few special visitors to the show. Zoe is expected to tell a story beyond the plates with the help of influential bakers and family members.

Where is Zoe Bakes filmed?
A photo from the show

While many people will watch Zoe’s show for cooking tips, her show is so much more than just a collection of how-to videos. The concept of the show is simple. Zoe is on a mission to inspire others to love cooking. According to her, she has spent her entire career evoking the emotion of happiness in people. When people like a particular dessert, they go to the same place again and again, it makes them happy. Zoé aspires to make people happy like that, at home!

What are some of the most important tips for cooking according to the show?

Zoe is often seen sharing helpful cooking tips. She shares her little information while making videos. In one of the videos, Zoe shared how pie crust tastes better with a winning texture. Also, she suggested adding a little vodka to the batter, that’s a good idea. Zoe says that by reducing the amount of water in the recipe, the amount of gluten is limited, resulting in a rougher texture. Vodka brings moisture.

Where is Zoe Bakes filmed?
A photo from the show

Also, when making the dough, Zoe suggested using cold butter and “shortening”. The flakiness comes from the cold butter we’ll be using, while the tenderness will come from the cold shortening. If you love baking, we suggest you try Zoe’s show, because imagine all the cakes and baking items you would learn with amazing tricks! The show is indeed very useful even if you are starting a new business, especially a small one. As we see, many young people are now promoting their business online. Watching such shows to improve your product can lead to loyal customers and even growth!

Where is Zoe Bakes filmed?

Well, so far we’ve shared Zoe’s little secrets to cooking better and what her take on the show is. Are you also wondering where it is filmed? The set up is amazing and the show is high quality, no doubt. Thus, the show is filmed in his kitchen in Lowry Hill. Lowry Hill is a location in Minneapolis, United States. Zoe said she also had the opportunity to film at local orchards with local chefs! She has worked with chefs like Justin Sutherland and Michelle Gayer. Along with this, Zoe has also toured with her friends and various cookbook authors like her.

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